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Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees: the Membership Network for volunteer visitors to Immigration Removal Centres (IRC), Short Term Holding Facilities, and prisons. 0207 281 0533

Asylum Welcome
visiting Campsfield House IRC, 01865 722082, visiting@asylum-welcome.org

Detention Action (formerly London Detainee Support Group)
visiting Colnbrook, Harmondsworth IRCs and some London prisons, 020 7226 3114, casework@detentionaction.org.uk. Freephone for detention support: 0800 587 2096

(formerly Dover Detainee Visitor Group) Runs a legal advice project providing regular surgeries for detainees and a former-detainee project operating a national telephone helpline for people released from detention needing advice on accessing services such as legal representation, health-care and welfare support. Tel: 01304 242 755 (detainee support), Tel: 01304 201 535 / 0800 917 9397 (former detainee support), Fax: 0871 9898 439, info@samphireproject.org.uk

Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group
visiting Tinsley and Brook House IRCs, 01293 657 070
Freephone detainees only  0800 389 4367, info@gdwg.org.uk

Friends Without Borders
Providing advice and advcoacy to clients in the community and Access to Justice, Tel/fax: 023 9283 9222, coordinator@friendswithoutborders.org.uk

Jesuit Refugee Service
Runs a detention outreach programme to people being detained at Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres. Visiting detainees on a weekly basis. Tel: 020 7488 7310, Fax: 020 7488 7329, uk@jrs.net

Lewes Group
visiting Lewes Prison, 0207 281 0533, enquiries@aviddetention.org.uk

Liverpool Prisons Visiting Group
visiting Liverpool Prisons, 0151 709 1713, info@asylumlink.org.uk

MIDST (Manchester Immigration Detainee Support Team)
visiting Manchester Airport Short Term Holding Facility and Manchester Prison. visitors@MIDST.org.uk

Morton Hall Detainee Visitors Group
visiting Morton Hall IRC, 07758 604 293, mhdvg1@gmail.com

Scottish Detainee Visitors
visiting Dungavel IRC, 0141 248 9799, volunteer-coordinator@sdv.org.uk

SOAS Detainee Support
visiting Yarl's Wood, Harmondsworth and Colnbrook IRC, 07438 407570, s.det.sup@gmail.com

Sudanese Visitors Group
SVG aims to support immigration detainees (from Sudan) at various detention centres across the UK. 0203 752 5815, maddy.crowther@wagingpeace.info

Verne Visitors Group
Visiting IRC The Verne. Please note that it is easier for the group to respond to emails and so, if possible, contact them by email in the first instance. 0751 852 3220, verne4visitors@gmail.com

Wandsworth Refugee Network
visiting Wandsworth Prison (they use AVIDs contact details

Yarls Wood Befrienders
visiting Yarl's Wood IRC, 01234 272 090, admin@ywbefrienders.org

Zimbabwe Association
Support Zimbabweans in the community, 020 7549 0355, zimbabweassociation@yahoo.co.uk

Law Centre (Northern Ireland)
Takes cases on referral but will take calls from detainees as a priority, during advice line hours (9.30am to 1pm), 028 9024 4401

Electronic Immigration Network
The UK's largest specialist provider of information on immigration and refugee law via the internet. 0845 458 4151, info@ein.org.uk

Refugee Council UK
general enquiries call 020 7346 6700, Child under 18 020 7346 1134
Advisers working with children 020 7346 1134, children@refugeecouncil.org.uk

Irish Refugee Council
Ireland’s only national non-governmental organisation which specialises in working with and for refugees in Ireland. 00353 1 7645854, info@irishrefugeecouncil.ie

Scottish Refugee Council
0141 248 9799, info@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk

Bail for Immigration Detainees
BID provides advice on how to get bail to detainees in all detention centres and detainees held in prison at the end of their sentences.
For Harmondsworth, Colnbrook, Yarl's Wood, Tinsley House, Campsfield House, Brook House, Morton Hall, Dungavel, Haslar, Dover and immigration detainees in prison: Monday to Thursday between 10.00am and 12.00 - 020 7456 9750. enquiries@biduk.org

ARIA (Association of Regulated Immigration Advisors)

Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA)
020 7251 8383 , info@ilpa.org.uk

Barbed Wire Britain
Network To End Migrant Detention, 01865 558 145, contact@barbedwirebritain.org

Right to Remain
(formerly NCADC, National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns)

Campaigning for justice in an asylum and immigration case cannot just begin when removal/deportation is imminent. Our work is increasingly around raising awareness of the legal processes involved in the asylum and immigration system, helping to make sure migrants understand the process better and know what their rights are. 0207 749 7616, campaigns@righttoremain.org.uk; Lisa Matthews: lisa@righttoremain.org.uk mobile: 07817 359746; Michael Collins: michael@righttoremain.org.uk mobile: 07745 009834; 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Freedom from Torture
Provides direct clinical services to survivers of torture who arrive in the UK, as well as striving to protect and promote their rights. 020 7697 7777

Helen Bamber Foundation
The Foundation provides practical support and treatment for survivors of genocide, torture, trafficking and rape who seek safety and refuge. 020 3058 2020

Medical Justice
MJ arranges for a doctor to visit detainees who are victims of torture or have serious physical or mental health conditions. For referals please use this link.
For emergencies: 020 7561 7498; Fax: 08450 529370

Detained Voices
Stories, experiences and demands by people held in UK Immigration Detention Centres. They record testimony verbatim, usually from conversations over the phone, only making edits to ensure confidentiality. They also support direct action from within detention centres by publishing demands and promoting campaigns, and if people wish to share their stories more widely they help to connect them to journalists. 020 3286 2339

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